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Welcome to McGregor!

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We are a community of people with the understanding that partnerships are important.  Whether it is within the business community or with our next door neighbor, McGregor is a community with the vision to see that if we work together for the greater good of our region, we can only become greater than we are! 

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Whether you are looking to purchase goods or services, in need of a good meal, or simply want some quality time with the family, McGregor is your place for all of the above!  Our business community is willing and ready to serve you!  Our parks are up-to-date and offer many quality of life opportunities.  We also have some of the best food around (including desserts)!

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If your family is in need of a fun weekend, then look at our calendar and you’ll see many opportunities that you and your kids can enjoy.  From “Movie Nights Off Main” to “Founders Day” to “Christmas In McGregor”…there’s always something going on!

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The McGregor Chamber is looking for individuals with a desire to develop long-lasting relationships, grow their personal network, and offer some of their personal time to the development of regional events and activities.  With the events we have scheduled for this year, it is important that we bring honest, hard-working volunteers on board to keep things moving in the right direction.  If you would like to be one of those individuals, contact Jon Mark Smith to sign up!


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With an ever expanding industrial community, new housing on the horizon, and retail development continuing to grow, McGregor is ready for the next level of growth that is sure to come our way.  Join us as we enjoy living the dream!

McGregor held the first State Fair of Texas, under the name of Grange Fair. Texas State Grange leaders approached the leaders of the seven-year-old town of McGregor in February 1889 with the plan for the statewide agriculture fair.
Spotlight: Sneed Insurance

Germania Farm Mutual Aid Association was founded in McGregor on December 18, 1897, and at age 114 is one of the oldest (if not THE oldest) insurance agencies in our community. John and Teresa Sneed have been helping McGregor area residents for 17 years as Sneed Insurance Agency. Even though Sneed Insurance is an Independent […]