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Changing Fitness. Changing Lives.  We are a life-changing fitness movement dedicated to transforming lives through dynamic, fun, and challenging workouts led by amazing, independent trainers who inspire you to discover your best self.  Local trainer Cesley Kodrin is leading McGregor citizens to new levels of fitness with her amazing leadership and inspiring motivation.  Pushing her “campers” to be the best they can be!

Camp Gladiator Workout Fitness McGregor


Camp Gladiator is a four-week outdoor group fitness program for all fitness levels. Every workout is different, incorporating full-body exercises led by Certified Personal Trainers. Our Campers get unlimited workouts at all of our 4,000+ locations nationwide to fit their lifestyle!

Camp Gladiator Workout Fitness McGregor

Campers get unlimited access to work out at any of our 4,000+ locations nationwide. Find a workout that’s convenient and fits your lifestyle!

Camp Gladiator Workout Fitness McGregor

CG workouts are for all fitness levels. Whether you’re an athlete or brand new to fitness, partner with your Trainer to push yourself in a fun and challenging environment!

At CG we believe in the accountability and camaraderie of group fitness. We encourage and push one another to be Better Together.

Every workout is run by one of our amazing, certified personal Trainers. Our Trainers will partner with you to motivate and hold you accountable to hitting your long-term fitness goals through dynamic, fun and challenging workouts.

Camp Gladiator Workout Fitness McGregor


Meaningful change takes time, and true change is a lifestyle. Join the community where hard work, sweat and high fives drive us to be better. Let’s put in the work together!

Experience a fun, challenging and dynamic fitness program led by all-star certified personal Trainers! Try one week FREE or register for a four-week Camp. If you’re looking for a long-term fitness solution, we have membership options for as low as $65/mo.

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MWF 5:00am – McGregor Elementary
TTH 5:30am – First National Bank South Bosque McGregor
TTH 4:30pm – McGregor Elementary
MTTH 6pm – McGregor Elementary
MWTh 6pm – River Valley Intermediate
Camp Gladiator Workout Fitness McGregor


TX-317, McGregor, TX, USA